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I began my journey as a musician, making my way through the USA and eventually finding my rhythm in the lively scene of Los Angeles. Along the way, acting entered the picture, sparking a chain reaction that turned me into a one-stop-shop storyteller – writing, directing, producing, and even wielding the camera.

Life inspires me. From the rhythms of music to the stories etched on people's faces, I soak it all in. I'm a big believer in bouncing back when life throws a curveball, and I’m all about putting in the hard yards to make things happen. My happy place? On set, where the magic unfolds.

I don’t box myself in – one day it might be a heartfelt drama, the next something light and breezy, or maybe even a dip into the past with a period piece. No rules, just vibes.

But it's not just about me and the camera. I’m all about people – meeting them, working with them, creating with them. I firmly believe in the power of a strong team, where each person brings their own flavor to the mix.

And hey, it's not just about the big screen. I also capture the magic of weddings, events, and the stories that unfold in interviews. Every project is a chance to tell a story and create something memorable.

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